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The 80's
The 80
While an artist all his life, Garry made his living as a sign painter in the early years and painted everything from delivery trucks and race cars to billboards. 

When the artist finally took control of the sign painter, the two worlds collided and much of this early work was painted with "1 Shot" enamel sign paint on everything from linens to sail cloth. For Garry, it wasn't just that he "had" the paint already, although I'm sure that was part of it, it was also symbolic of the transformation from sign painter to artist who used the skills and materials acquired in one to satisfy the other. 
By the late 80's you can see a new style of painting begin to emerge, softer, more painterly, thoughtfully conceived, focused. The work here spans time from the late 70's to about 1990, the bulk of it from his time in Seattle, WA between 1981 and 1990.

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